What is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation?

“Do you want to be my friend?”

This is what the starry-eyed primary school student says to the person who, in his eyes, holds the key to the door to happiness and friendship for life. Then, when they lose touch with that friend due to unforeseen circumstances (moving to a new city, changing schools, or just bored by their incessant babble), they make a new friend.

Year after year, kids earn a new BFF to add to their collection of cheerful, cheerful pals. When you are young, your group of friends may very well come together like a collection of cells in a petri dish. But as you get older, things start to change. Appearance matters more, people demand more sophisticated conversation, they unwittingly conform to societal molds and begin to care more about what you can bring to the table as a confidant than what they or they can bring to the table as a companion. Here between the law of attraction and manifestation.

law of happiness

There are laws and theories for everything. The Big Bang theory explains how life was born: from a great explosion, a population was born, often at each other’s throats. The universal law of gravitation explains how every object in the universe attracts other objects with a force depending only on its proportionality and the product of their mass. There is even a theory that claims the universe dies whenever a human eye lands on so-called dark energy. The law of attraction and manifestation is no different. It is simply a collection of ideas and thoughts which, while seeming far-fetched, are relevant and applicable in the lives of many people.

Some people find joy in the ancient art of religion, but in the 21st century, More and more people rely on the “right chakras” and “frequency of vibrational energies” to make sense of the insensitive. Well, what kind of things do spiritual fanatics discuss? One of the concepts written in the non-existent book of spiritual ideology is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

path to peace

Events coach Arielle Ford best describes the Law of Attraction and Manifestation by saying “the happier we are, the more easily we attract to ourselves whatever we want”. This law which was so wisely explained by Mrs. Ford has the same ideology as when a frail old man tells you that you look better when you smile. The two statements are correlative, but one speaker is deemed influential and enlightened, and the other is characterized as odd and rude.

Nonetheless, Ford is right in its accolades. Every day humans walk the earth cautiously with a thirst for relationships and a distaste for judgment and failure. This disgust meets the rapture that is the idea of ​​attraction and manifestation. According to the law of attraction, those who flock to you like opposite charges on a magnet do so because of the attraction of the aura. This aura is a paranormal emanation that every human being possesses to determine their ability to find long-term companionship.

Manifestation is no different. Manifestation is simply the law of affirmation spun in a centrifuge and isolated to be used for real-world application.

For example, let’s say you have a math test coming up tomorrow. You haven’t studied, you don’t have time to study, and you certainly don’t have the internal motivation to study. So what are you doing? A student would say “go blind”, a parent would say “go up and study”, but a spiritual enthusiast might say “you should try to manifest a positive result.” This same spiritual enthusiast might say that by dropping under the wing of manifestation, they move from self to service, develop a sense of empowerment, learn to listen to their own intuition, and discover their true objective. To be honest, that’s the only reason why people prefer spirituality to religion: because religion gives you faith, but spirituality gives you belief. Where religion asks you to read the holy book to learn, spirituality asks you to turn thought into action and engage in desires in order to gain knowledge and develop character.

Sensually absurd

That being said, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge superstition regarding the laws of manifestation and attraction. To many this sounds like hubbub, nonsense and the product of an overactive and desperate mind. And it doesn’t help that the Law of Attraction and Manifestation is as prophetic as it is. profitable.

Every year, thousands of people seek out spiritual coaches to explain and unravel the unshakable obstacles that adorn the path we humans follow to find eternal happiness. But let me ask you a series of important questions: do you want the key to long-term happiness? Do you want to be firm and unwavering? Do you want to harness good energy and pass that feeling on to those you love around you? The answer to these questions lies in the laws of manifestation and attraction. These laws and ideas are imperative for human development because they provide comfort and guidance to those who seek to pursue their dreams and find the motivation to achieve the goals they have always aspired to pursue.

Keith P. Plain