Tong Devil threw spectators at motorbike attraction, 3 injured

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The Devil’s Barrel attraction has caused havoc at the Night Market in the Ambulu district of Jember. The motorbike driven in this attraction suddenly got out of control with onlookers. Three people would be injured.

Ambulu Police Chief AKP Maruf confirmed the incident in the Demon Barrel vehicle. Ma’ruf said that 3 victims had already seen this attraction. Then suddenly they were knocked down by a thrown motorcycle. One of the victims was seriously injured.

“Provided that one of the (victims) has suffered serious injuries and has been referred to Dr Soebandi Hospital,” Maruf said when contacted on Tuesday (26/7/2022).

Meanwhile, other minor injuries were treated at a local health center. According to Ma’ruf, the Tongue Demon ride is one of the entertainments of the night market held in the square of Ambulu district.

“There are about 4 night markets tonight. Then the police are still investigating. Especially the owners of the rides,” he said.

Before that, the Monster Barrel attraction phenomenon had been filmed by amateur video. There are two videos of 30 and 18 seconds. These two videos are going viral on social networks and WhatsApp.

One of the videos shows moments from the crash at the Devil’s Barrel ride. Starting with the attraction of bikers riding a motorcycle in a 90 degree inclined position.

Then he circled a trajectory in the form of a huge barrel about 4 meters high.

But during the action, the motorcyclist fell. The Yamaha RX motorcycle in an insane barrel action, lost control of the track and slammed into the spectators above the arena.

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