This is California’s weirdest roadside attraction

There are two types of road trippers. First, there are those in for the trip. These are the people who look for cool stops along the way and make sure to hit each one before getting to their destination. Second, there are those who are there for the destination. These people are so excited to arrive at their destination that they cannot be bothered by roadside attractions along the way. No matter which type of road traveler you most identify with, roadside attractions are here to stay. Of all the roadside attractions in Californiathis one is ranked as the weirdest.

According to a list compiled by Trips to discoverthe weirdest roadside attraction all over California is the Drive-Thru Tree Chandelier in Leggett.

Here is what Trips to discover had to say about attraction:

“Estimated to be over 2,400 years old, the famous Chandelier Drive-Thru tree has drawn travelers since its inception in 1937. Several generations have come to capture photos of their cars weaving through the six-foot-wide, seven-tunnel of ‘one foot tall. Many are in disbelief, thinking the sign telling them to do so is simply a scam or that the tree with the big hole must have fallen a long time ago. Yet it is still alive and well after 85 years. If you’re traveling with your kids through California, here are a few other kid-friendly stops worth making along the way.

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Keith P. Plain