The Paramount+ series welcomes Doreen Calderon


The cast of Paramount+ Joshua Jackson (Dr. Death, Dawson’s Creek, Fringe), Lizzy Caplan (Castle Rock, masters of sex) & Amanda Peet (The chair)-with the 1987 series adaptation Michael Douglas & Glenn Close film Fatal attraction welcomes another new addition. Hollywood Deadline reports exclusively that Doreen Calderon (Loot, Riverdale) joined the role of Maureen Walker, Dan’s (Jackson) longtime assistant who worked for his father before him. She knows what he’s thinking and stays in stride, but she also has enough credibility to tease her boss once in a while. Described as a thorough reimagining of the film exploring timeless themes of marriage and infidelity through the lens of modern attitudes towards strong women, personality disorders and coercive control, Fatal attraction stars Caplan as Alex, who becomes obsessed with her lover Dan (Jackson) after their brief affair (with Peet as Dan’s wife, Beth). Calderon joins a cast that includes Jackson, Caplan, Peet, Calderon, Alyssa Jirrels (boo female dog), Toby Hus (Stop and catch fire), Reno Wilson (good girls), Brian Goodman (Rizzoli and islands), Jessica Harper (The old man), John Getz (Doom Patrol), Toks Olagundoye (Veep), David Sullivan (The Savages), and newcomer Isabelle Briggs.

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Harper’s Sophie is mother to Beth (Peet), a dry-witted New England transplant who loves her daughter and granddaughter as well as a cocktail. Getz’s Warren is Beth’s father, who retired from the financial industry and doesn’t suffer fools lightly. He supports Dan (Jackson) for Beth’s sake but is unimpressed with Dan’s career or his ability to support his family. Conchita Lewis of Olagundoye is the head of the Office of Victim Services and a longtime colleague and friend of Dan as well as the boss of Alex (Caplan). Sullivan’s Frank Gallardo is Dan’s number two in the Major Crimes Bureau. Frank is a fast-talking prosecutor who usually juggles a mistress and enjoys making things awkward for others. Dan didn’t hire him and doesn’t like him but can’t fire him, so he’s learned to live with him. Cheerfully energetic with a warm vibe, Briggs plays Stella is welcoming and confident, and disarming when she wants to be friends. Alexandra Cunningham serves as writer, showrunner and executive producer, with Kevin J. Hynes sharing a co-story credit with Cunningham as well as executive producing. Daryl Frank and justin falvey are on board to produce for Amblin Television.

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