The 6 Rules of Sexual Attraction Every Man Should Know

Sexual attraction is a strange thing. It is difficult to understand, define or control it. Some research indicates that we simply don’t know, consciously, who or what we are attracted to.

Nobody really knows why we find some people attractive and others not, even though they have all the qualities, at least on paper, that we are looking for. Experts have answers though because they have a long history of studying sexual attraction. They’ve provided us with a few rules that everyone should keep in mind when trying to look their best in the world.

Attraction experts have examined all of the human senses – smell, sight, touch, hearing – to come up with a surprising set of rules that determine what we find attractive, and also who will find us attractive. Researchers believe, for example, that women’s sexuality is more fluid and flexible than men’s, and may even be affected by hormonal factors. Knowing some facts about sexual attraction can work in your favor when it comes to convincing someone or getting them to accept your invitation on a date.

Some rules of sexual attraction are obvious, some are practical, and some are just plain weird, but all of them can help you better understand what’s going on in someone’s mind when they’re feeling some kind of annoyance. attraction to someone else. They also help explain what you could do – or should do – to make yourself more attractive.

Play by the rules.


Six laws of sexual attraction that all men should remember

1. Opt for a short beard

Several studies indicate that women prefer men with short beards and are more attracted to them than clean-shaven men or those with thicker beards. It is believed that a short beard tells many women that a man would be a good partner. It is a style that looks masculine but also reflects that someone cares about their personal appearance.

2. Kindness is sexy

How you treat others is a reflection of who you are, and according to psychology, kindness can change how others think and feel about you. They’ll see you in a better light, see you as a more viable option, and find you’re a more attractive person (not just physically).

3. The appeal of the average

People whose characteristics are “mathematically average” are also more attractive. “Basically what our brain does is it scans our environment, registers people’s faces, and then averages those we see every day,” said Dr. Kang Lee, a psychologist at the University of Toronto, in an episode of Talk corny to me. We then develop a composite representation of an average face. There is a gene drive that drives us to seek out something that reflects the average.

Keith P. Plain