Testing begins for the reopening of the iconic Disneyland attraction

Somewhere beyond the sea…

As the reopening date for Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage approaches, Disneyland recently began testing in the beautiful Tomorrowland lagoon, allowing visitors to see the iconic yellow submarines ready to take them on a “tour” with Marlin, Dory, Bruce the Shark, Mr. Ray, Gill, Bubbles, Pearl, Peach, Crush and many more friends in an underwater adventure for the whole family.

Guest u/jimmycheapseaweed posted the video of this exciting news on Reddit. You can watch the video below or click here to see it.

Looks like they’re testing Finding Nemo of Disneyland

While many are excited to experience this underwater journey again, opinions are divided regarding the attraction. We’ve previously reported that guests have said they wish this ride never reopened, especially after seeing the attraction remain closed for some time after Disneyland was closed and reopened by COVID-19.

However, fans got excited when millions of gallons once again filled the Tomorrowland lagoon, and more so when they recently heard the announcement detailing the changes coming to this attraction once it reopens.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage will reopen July 25 at Disneyland.

Learn more about the underwater voyage to find Nemo

The attraction enjoyed a 39-year run at Disneyland Park, last setting sail on September 7, 1998. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage uses the same lagoon and submarines as the original attraction, Submarine Voyage, which debuted on June 14, 1959, and was one of the first “E” ticket attractions. It was loosely inspired by the 1958 voyage to the North Pole by the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautiluswhich shares its name with the fictional submarine of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Renovation of the voyage of the Finding Nemo submarine
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Disneyland official website describes this attraction as follows:

Journey to the charming world of Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo on a gentle underwater expedition.

With all the humor and heart of the original film, this immersive underwater ride takes you on an unforgettable ocean adventure – to find a missing clownfish.

Descend into a yellow research submarine operated by the Institute for Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation (NEMO).

Peek through the portholes as you pass divers and artifacts of an ancient civilization scattered along the seabed.

Finding Nemo Imagineer Submarine
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

A few familiar fins soon swim into view: it’s Nemo and his turtle pal, Squirt, with Marlin and Dory hot on their heels. During your underwater adventure, you’ll meet other friends from the movie, including Bruce the Shark, Mr. Ray, Gill, Bubbles, Pearl, Peach, Crush and more, and through “sonar hydrophones” specials, you will hear what everyone is saying!

Will Marlin and Dory ever find Nemo? Keep swimming to find out!

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