Spooky Woods Named Legendary Haunted Attraction

(WGHP) – With spooky season fast approaching, the Piedmont Triad’s own Spooky Woods has been named a Legendary Haunted Attraction by America Haunts.

For an attraction to be considered a legendary haunt, it must have a unique vision, ingenuity, safety, security, and a high level of difficulty to recreate elsewhere.

“While thousands of haunted attractions exist across the United States, few have mastered ultra-realistic and immersive spooky entertainment,” reads a press release from America Haunts. “Some industry behemoths have set the bar so high that others may never reach the standards these hauntings create – blurring reality and putting them in another stratosphere.”

Other haunted attractions said to be legendary include:

  • Haunted hotel in San Diego
  • Bates Motel and Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia
  • Nightmare the 13th in Salt Lake City
  • 13th gate in Baton Rouge

America Haunts is the national association of haunted attractions and has over one million visitors a year.

Keith P. Plain