New attraction breaks down and must be turned manually to evacuate guests

It would seem that ride malfunctions are becoming more common at theme parks around the world.

Guests visiting Drayton Manor on July 20 experienced an unexpected outage at one of the park’s newest attractions.

Credit: Drayton Manor

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On some videos posted by Joe Faulkner (@ThemeParkFaulk), which have since been removed, a nearly full giant wheel came to a complete stop in the middle of the track, while Thor, one of Drayton Manor’s newest attractions, had an unspecified malfunction. Inside the Magic was able to capture screenshots of these videos before they were deleted, which you can see below.

Drayton Manor Thor Malfunction stopped on the trail
Credit: Screenshot via Twitter

In a second video, which has also been deleted, Faulkner showed the giant wheel at the ride’s launch station, having to be turned manually by park staff to ensure it lines up correctly in its reference position. to allow visitors to safely evacuate the attraction. .

Drayton Manor Thor Malfunction arrested at train station
Credit: Screenshot via Twitter

Faulkner commented, “this is the coolest thing I’ve seen,” as he was amazed by the process the park staff did. Faulkner did not reveal the reason for the deletion of these videos.

At the time of this article’s publication, Drayton Manor has not issued any statement regarding the incident. However, all guests aboard the attraction appeared to be safe, and the cause of this incident was most likely a minor attraction malfunction.

Learn about Thor at Drayton Manor

The highly anticipated Disk’O Coaster opened May 28 as part of Drayton Manor’s new Viking-themed land.

Vikings Expansion at Drayton Manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

Per Drayton Manor Official Site, Thor is a brand new, brightly colored family ride named after the infamous god of thunder. It will send guests spinning on a giant wheel on a roller coaster track for the ultimate feeling of weightlessness.

Viking themed room at drayton mansion
Credit: Drayton Manor

Vikings is home to 4 thrilling rides and a Viking-themed restaurant, Walhalla, which will serve up feasts fit for the gods, including BBQ pulled pork, an array of jacket potatoes and chipotle, and peri peri chicken wings and maple and bourbon. Guests can also enjoy ten new Viking-themed rooms in the 4-star theme park hotel, featuring Norse-inspired furnishings and traditional woodwork adorned with shields and paintings from Viking voyages. These themed rooms opened with the expansion.

Find out more about Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor Resort is home to a theme park with over 100 rides and attractions, including many family rides, Europe’s only Thomas Land, a 15-acre zoo and an on-site 4-star hotel. All are located on the grounds of the former mansion based in Staffordshire, England.

Accelerator at Drayton Manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

At Drayton Manor Theme Park, guests can have a fun-filled day with family favorite attractions like the Bounty Pirate Ship, Carousel or Accelerator. At Adventure Cove, a nautical-themed land within the park, they can experience a ride on Maelstrom and Air Race, feel the full throttle of Shockwave, the UK’s only standing roller coaster, or cool off on one of the park’s incredible water rides – River Rapids and Stormforce 10. And at Thomas Land, visitors can enjoy over 28 Thomas & Friends themed rides and attractions.

drayton mansion zoo
Credit: Drayton Manor

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Drayton Manor is also home to a 15-acre conservation zoo with dozens of animals from around the world that are sure to captivate visitors with their amazing variety. The park also offers a range of educational lectures, workshops, events and activity days for all levels of students. Whether you want to learn about dinosaurs, animal habits, science around roller coasters, or even how to run and market a business.

drayton mansion hotel
Credit: Drayton Manor

The Resort also has a modern and spacious 4-star hotel. The Drayton Manor Hotel has 150 rooms and offers executive rooms, presidential suites, 15 Thomas & Friends rooms, as well as two bars and two restaurants for the enjoyment of the whole family.

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