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The tallest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc is the world’s most dangerous natural wonder, according to research by Holidu. Plans to make the huge mountain safer for climbers have been criticized by experienced mountaineers.

About three quarters of all climbers take the same route to the summit of Mont Blanc in the Alps.

However, in the spring a new crevasse, thought to be caused by global warming, opened up on Bosses Ridge on the normal route.

Authorities placed four iron stakes on the ridge to help climbers cross the dangerous crevasse.

However, an experienced climber, Christophe Profit, 61, made headlines for removing two of the stakes.

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He said: “These anchors invite the uninitiated to take a route that has become very steep and dangerous after the appearance of crevasses. It is misleading.

Many locals feel that the mountain is turning into a commercial tourism business and selling tourist packages to inexperienced visitors.

They believe that measures must be taken to discourage beginner climbers and to reserve Mont Blanc only for the more experienced.

According to Holidu’s research, approximately 100 people die each year attempting the deadly ascent of Mont Blanc.


Alpine Mag, a French mountaineering website, said “unnecessary” tourists should be discouraged from climbing.

Profit said true climbers should be able to find their way around the crevasse and a new route.

The mayor of Saint-Gervais, a commune close to Mont Blanc, said: “People who climb Mont Blanc do not know all the dangers.

“We cannot tell them to leave and die. The crevasse could lead to fatal accidents. I don’t want to sign death certificates.

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Mont Blanc should only be attempted by the most experienced climbers as there is a high risk of avalanches, falls and medical complications.

The mountain is the highest in the Alps and around 200 people try to reach the top every day in summer.

Meanwhile, the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, has proven to be the UK’s most dangerous natural wonder.

There are around three fatalities on Ben Nevis each year and it can be very dangerous in poor conditions.

Keith P. Plain