Legoland launches a new attraction with an old Disney theme

Legoland Florida is inspired by an old Disney (SAY) 1950s theme park attraction that closed a long time ago.

The Disneyland Tomorrowland attraction was operational until early 1975, as its popularity began its slow decline after space travel became a reality.

The attraction opened in July 1955 as Rocket to the Moon, but Disney changed the name of the attraction in 1971 to Flight to the Moon. This change came after NASA began sending astronauts to the Moon. The new name breathed new life into the attraction and extended the excitement of being included in a NASA launch.

The Disney attraction was a flight simulation from Earth to space and back to Earth again. Shortly after NASA landed on the moon, the simulation of going to space became a duller, more exciting attraction, but as technology advanced, the ride simply couldn’t compete with this what science actually did. It was a realization that Walt Disney had always had. He knew that as long as creative progress was made, Disney would have to reinvent itself.

In 1975, the simulation of a flight to the moon was changed to a mission to Mars, because the idea of ​​people traveling to Mars had not been realized. Mission to Mars flew at Disneyland until it closed in November 1992, and in 1998 the location became Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port restaurant.

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Legoland travels in space

What seems like a tired old idea, going to space, gets a makeover and becomes a new home. Legoland in Florida and California have launched their own versions of a rocket to the moon at Lego City Space zones inside theme park Fantasy Zones.

Now that non-astronaut citizens can actually travel in space, albeit at a huge cost, the excitement of space travel can reignite. Legoland guests in the theme park urban space in the Fantasy Zone are responsible for their own space exploration. While Legoland borrows the concept of guests going into space, it’s really just an updated version that allows guests a more immersive experience than what Disney offered decades before.

On the flight to the moon as part of Legoland’s New Exploration, guests will travel through space by walking through a simulation of an airtight chamber. Upon exiting the chamber, space travelers will find themselves on the moon.

Guests choose their mission

At the start of their mission, they will have to make a choice in which space adventure they wish to pursue. New astronauts can choose mission A or mission B to build space rocket or rover space vehicle. Once construction is complete, guests will need to pass a few tests in order to complete their lunar mission.

Getting a souvenir to take home is always a great keepsake for a family vacation. The neat way Legoland incorporates this into its Lego City Space is a photo op that allows guests who have visited the new lunar attraction to appear as if they are floating in space.

Keith P. Plain