Futuroscope inaugurates a new Tornado Chasers attraction

Dynamic Attractions congratulated Futuroscope, France on the July 2, 2022 inauguration of the Tornado Chasers, a personalized Dynamic Motion Theater.

“Futuroscope dares to boldly redefine fun with thrilling and imaginative adventures,” says Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Attractions and Dynamic Technologies Group. “Tornado Chasers is a blast. At Dynamic, we all congratulate Futuroscope on this wonderful feat that will delight entertainment enthusiasts of all ages.

The attraction is designed to make patrons feel as if they are being swept away in a breathtaking storm. They are at the heart of a 5,000 square foot circular screen surrounded by live action scenes, LED projections and special effects. The adventure takes place on the moving circular platform of the Dynamic Motion Theatre.

“Dynamic Attraction has once again provided a ‘world premiere’ at Futuroscope,” says Rodolphe Bouin, General Manager of Futuroscope, who praised the attraction manufacturer for providing two of the park’s newest additions. “Tornado Chasers is an adventure like no other, with thrilling storytelling and cutting-edge technology.”

“The Dynamic Motion Theater puts a whole new spin on an immersive attraction,” Nelson adds. “Riding fans should rush to Futuroscope and experience this great new adventure.”

Keith P. Plain