Disneyland’s Avengers campus expansion is back on track, along with a new e-ticket attraction – Orange County Register

Plans to add a second phase to the Avengers Campus, which was put on hold due to pandemic-related financial constraints, are back on track and will include the introduction of a new super e-ticket attraction. – Marvel themed heroes.

According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Disneyland will expand Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure with a new attraction.

More details on the new Avengers Campus attraction based on an “all-new” concept will be announced at the Disney Parks and Experiences panel on Sunday, September 11, according to the official. Twitter Disney D23 Account.

Concept art of the planned expansion of the Avengers campus with a new e-ticket attraction at Disney California Adventure. (Disney)

Chapek made the announcement of the DCA Avengers campus expansion during the Legends Ceremony on the opening day of the D23 Expo on Friday, September 9.

The latest concept based on a new ride system will be completely different from a Quinjet e-ticket attraction, the first of its kind, announced for Avengers Campus before the COVID-19 pandemic that closed Disneyland and DCA for 412 days and postponed the debut of the new Marvel-themed land.

The originally proposed Quinjet E-ticket attraction was announced to much fanfare during the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in 2019, but hasn’t been mentioned very often since then – leading industry watchers to wondering if the ballyhooed attraction would be canceled in the midst of a pandemic – corresponding budget cuts.

Chapek told an annual meeting of shareholders in March that the planned Quinjet e-ticket attraction for DCA was in a “waiting model” and “hopefully” it will be built once the cash situation post -business pandemic will improve.

DCA’s Avengers Campus debuted in June 2021 after a year-long pandemic delay with Web Slingers interactive dark ride, Doctor Strange magic show, Ant-Man and the Wasp restaurant and stunt shows on the roof of Marvel characters.

The custom-designed life-size Quinjet that serves as the centerpiece of the Marvel-themed land sits atop an Avengers Headquarters building that is intended to serve as the entrance for the planned e-ticket attraction. Disney uses the building’s front balconies as a stage for Marvel superhero stunts.

Riders of the originally proposed Quinjet E-ticket attraction would have embarked on a mission to the Black Panther world of Wakanda to battle menacing winged aliens alongside the superhero team, according to Walt Disney Imagineering.

Concept art for the Avengers attraction showed passengers hovering in jetpack seats. The sweeping scene featured Captain Marvel firing an energy beam, Iron Man unleashing a repulsor blast, and Thor wielding his hammer as he was surrounded by the flying aliens. On the ground, Hulk defeated the winged creatures, Black Panther engaged in hand-to-hand combat, and Dora Milaje hurled warrior spears as an oversized Ant Man dominated the action.

Additional concept art showed a pre-show area with Avengers planes on a docking bay – suggesting an active superhero hangar. An interior view of the attraction depicted two rows of jetpack seats lined up in front of an illuminated tactical heads-up display. Above, a massive screen similar to a glass ceiling offered a view of the ship’s command deck and the outside world.

Concept art is just that – conceptual illustrations created to convey a sense of design possibilities and intentions. Imagineering often refines and modifies attraction plans as the creative arm of the business moves forward with a project.

Keith P. Plain