Disney Gives First Look at New Moana Attraction Coming to EPCOT

Walt Disney Imagineers shares the first look at a new attraction coming to EPCOT. To celebrate World Princess Week, we see some design details in “Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana”. When it opens, it will be the very first attraction based on the film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Moana.

“We were also inspired by Moana’s fierce determination to protect her environment,” said Reid Ekman, Senior Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering, in a blog. “Her connection to water is unique, and we’re thrilled for guests to learn about the importance of water and experience her playful personality like she did.”

Water Journey, inspired by Moana

Designed for all ages, the new attraction will allow visitors to explore and engage with water as it travels from sky to ocean and back again. Guests will see familiar shapes and characters from the movie carved into the rocks and waterways throughout the attraction.

Walt Disney Imagineering has partnered with artists and cultural consultants from Walt Disney Animation Studios to bring the experience to life and capture the beauty of a natural water cycle.

“As part of our design process, Imagineers creates models, mockups, and mockups to bring our beloved characters and stories to the parks in sometimes unexpected ways,” Ekman said.

The design of the park

Pictures on the Disney Parks Blog show the early stages of the design process before painting and other details are complete. The experience is inspired by Moana’s friendship with water and her dedication to caring for the environment.

Sculptors add detail and texture until the emotional expression of the character sculpt is perfect. Then they do a painting study and create large-scale samples to test the final materials and sculpting techniques. In this way, production and creative vision come together.

A photo shows a sample of the mountain shapes that will be the entrance to Journey of Water. Fans will be thrilled to see Moana’s signature spiral!

“Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana will come to life within World Nature – the EPCOT neighborhood dedicated to understanding and preserving the beauty, awe and balance of the natural world,” said Ekman. “Moana is the perfect role model to inspire us to protect and conserve water and guide us through the water journey.”

Creation of Rockwork

On Instagram, Zach Riddley, Director of Creative Portfolio at Walt Disney Imagineering, explained the art of creating the rockwork at the attraction. He described it as a mixture of art and science.

“Seeing this sculpting and sculpting progress live is one of the things I love most about being an Imagineer,” Riddley said in a post. “The range of textures are inspired by real-world formations – down to the smallest details and variations that, when complete, should be indistinguishable from reality.”

Opening of the water trip

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana was announced in 2019 with an expected opening date of 2021, but construction has been delayed due to COVID-19. With construction underway, a confirmed opening date is not expected until 2023.

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Keith P. Plain