Chukka Caribbean opens new attraction in Antigua

Jamaican nature adventure company CHUKKA Caribbean Adventure expands to Antigua.

The company is working with the government of Antigua and Barbuda and the Department of Tourism and Investments on a public-private partnership to develop, manage and operate a new “historic” eco-adventure attraction at Fort Barrington in Antigua.

The project will be financed by local and foreign investments.

Chukka has extensive experience developing tourism products for the cruise and hospitality industry, with operations in Jamaica, Barbados, Belize, Turks and Caicos Islands and the Dominican Republic.

“We are really excited about this potential partnership between Antigua and Barbuda and Chukka,” said Antigua and Barbuda Minister of Tourism Charles “Max” Fernandez. “We are always on the lookout for world-class partners and in this case, based on their track record in developing tours and attractions in the Caribbean, we are delighted to welcome this relationship with Chukka. This new attraction will help support the exponential growth in the number of guests expected at the new cruise station. »

The announcement comes as Antigua’s new fifth cruise pier in St John’s will soon accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships, which will require more supporting infrastructure, officials said.

“Fort Barrington is an incredible historical icon that needs to be polished and whose story needs to be told. Chukka, as a Caribbean owned and operated company, loves to identify the natural and historic beauty of our region and reveal it to the world. We are honored to have been selected as the development partner for this renowned historic nature adventure attraction. We look forward to working with the government of Antigua and Barbuda, various ministries and local partners/stakeholders to develop a world-class development in Fort Barrington,” said company CEO Marc Melville.

Keith P. Plain