Blackpool opens wizarding-themed mini-golf attraction in time for summer vacation

Blackpool is now home to an immersive Wizarding Golf attraction and with the summer holidays in full swing this could be an activity to add to the agenda.

The Hole in Wand is a mini golf attraction, but it’s not the usual kind with the addition of “historically accurate” weird and wonderful scents, staying on theme with the help of AromaPrime themed scents .

The mini-golf site offers players a unique experience both in terms of the smells and the way they have to move.

Players should expect to crawl through chimneys, walk through giant portraits, or drink bubbly potions when visiting the Blackpool and York venues.

The Hole in the Wand, Blackpool (AromaPrime/The Hole in the Wand)

Liam R. Findlay, Thematic Scent Consultant at AromaPrime, said, “Even when creating a whimsical scent, extensive research is required. Notes of newt and frog vapors are part of a wizarding alley aroma, where you can imagine these weird ingredients being sold.

“We have researched the pongs of pond life, but this concoction is mostly based on historic Victorian street records. Herbs and spices, pipe smoke, plants between the cobblestones.

“This attention to detail serves to convince guests that fiction is reality! This is the special secret to making an experience memorable and magical.”


Stuart Jarman, Managing Director, said: “Post-covid customers are looking for something extra in experiences and attractions, and the introduction of scents enables us to deliver a truly magical experience at our golf courses in Blackpool. and York.”

You can find more information about The Hole in Wand and book a tour through the website.

Keith P. Plain