A new attraction in Abbeville offers an educational opportunity

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – In the heart of downtown Abbeville is the brand new Atta Library of STEM and History.

The story behind this project is an example of how small town residents can achieve great things.

Susie Atta, who grew up during the Great Depression, lived in the countryside with her family where they grew their own vegetables. Her dream was to become a mathematician.

Susie attended the University of Alabama to study math. Despite adversity as a woman in STEM, Susie became the first woman to graduate from Alabama with her master’s degree in math.

The Atta Library aims to honor his legacy by introducing a new generation to history and STEM through technology and interactive exhibits.

The exhibits on display teach everything from topography to how race cars work. In addition, a “Future Careers” exhibition shows children and adults the possibilities that their future may hold for them.

The library is located in a 120 year old building which has been renovated for this purpose.

The team tried to salvage everything they could from the original structure and even incorporated it into the current design.

Atta’s great-niece, Kate Killebrew, is thrilled to fulfill Susie’s vision and share her story.

The Atta Library of STEM and History will open soon; to know more click HERE.

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Keith P. Plain